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If you consider that your company has an innovative solution capable of transforming the wellbeing, prosperity, connectivity or productivity of others around the globe, which has already been implemented in a location, and suited to be implemented throughout the world, WITSA encourages you to apply for the 2017 class of WITSA EMERGING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS.

The Emerging Digital Solutions program recognizes early-stage or veteran companies, as long as the solution presented is new and largely scalable to other locationsof the world. Emerging Digital Solutions searches for solutions to be displayed to interested policy makers, businesspersons and social stakeholders with the potential to boost its development and deployment, aiming to significantly impact business and society.

WITSA Confidentiality:

All information provided will remain confidential and will be used by the Emerging Digital Solutions Selection Committee for the sole purpose of evaluating the applications. Winners agree that their information can and shall be fully disclosed by WITSA and the Emerging Digital Solutions program through different online and offline means.

If selected, you will be provided the following:

  1. Four (4) Nights Lodging
  2. One (1) Full Delegate Registration Package
  3. An opportunity to showcase your solution at the 2017 World Congress on IT
  4. Your solution will be a candidate to receive a WITSA 2017 Global ICT Excellence Award (Award Ceremony to take place at the WCIT 2017 Gala Dinner on Tuesday, September 12, 2017)
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